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In the quest to study abroad, a big issue, if not the biggest, is funding. Most students are concerned as to how they would pay for tuition, accommodation, and other living costs.

Fortunately, scholarships help. A full scholarship would cover tuition and would have a remainder for living expenses. Other types of scholarship may cover all expenses but would go a long way to reduce the whole burden of funding on the student.

In this post, I am going to list the top countries in Europe that give tuition-free scholarships to international students. I would mention the country and mention the level of education that receive the most scholarship.


Germany ranks tops among countries where international students can study on a scholarship or tuition-free. By tuition-free, I mean their public universities do not charge tuition fees. Another good part is that some courses are taught in English so if you are from an English-speaking country, it would be easy for you.

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Education in Norway is tuition-free at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Apart from a semester fee, which you pay at the beginning of the semester, the cost of education in Norway is usually borne by the government.

However, living expenses in Norway are high, and so, this is where a scholarship would come in.

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Like Germany and Norway, Swedish universities are tuition-free for all student, both local and international.

Also, students who are pursuing a doctorate degree get paid for carrying their research work. Different universities have varying scholarship offers to their students.

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Before 2017, university education in Finland was free at all levels and to all students. However, from 2017 upwards, only postgraduate education was tuition-free for international students.

Finland is a top educational destination for students who want to study design -related courses such as Design, Architecture, Communication, Urban and Regional Planning, and so on.

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Other Countries

Counties like Hungary, Poland, Czech, Greece, Austria, and Iceland give tuition-free scholarships to international students as well. Hopefully, in other posts, we would talk about each country in detail.